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            Skybell Doorbell camera - The light is blinking, what do I do?

            If the light on your doorbell is blinking orange this indicates that the device is unable to connect to your wireless network. Some of the reasons why this occurs are:
            • Your Wi-Fi settings have been updated (ie: new password)
            • The router has been disconnected or unplugged
            • You have changed internet service providers
            • A power outage occurred
            There are 3 steps that you will need to follow and they are explained in the video below.

            Step 1: Reconnect the device to your wireless network
            • The first step is done from your video doorbell

            Step 2: Delete the doorbell from your Liberty Live account
            • This step requires you to login to your Liberty Live account from a web browser at

            Step 3: Reconnect the device to your wireless network
            • The final step is completed from the Liberty Live app on your phone or tablet

            If the light on your Skybell Video Doorbell is flashing red (not alternating red and green) this indicates that there is an issue with the power and you will need to call Liberty security at 1 (866) 926-7233.

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