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            Simon XTi-5 security panel - User manual

            The Simon XTi-5 operates and programs your security system. The panel features an easy to use LCD touchscreen that communicates to you through displayed and spoken messages, providing you with the ability to perform the following functions:

            • Arm perimeter (doors and windows) and interior (motion) sensors to indicate intruders.
            • Use the emergency screen to send quick response alerts to the central monitoring station.
            • Access the system from a remote telephone.
            • Disable sensors so you can leave a window open while the system is armed.
            • Get an audio alert when a protected door is opened while the system is disarmed.
            • Get an audio alert if movement of a protected asset is detected

            User Manual Contents
            Page 3 - Panel Controls
            Page 6 - Features
            Page 7 - Arming and Disarming
            Page 10 - Exit and Entry Delay
            Page 12 - Cancelling and preventing false alarms
            Page 17 - Status Beeps and Alarm Sirens
            Page 20 - System Configuration
            Page 30 - Testing
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