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            Setting up Pre-Authorized debits (EFT) from your chequing account

            Pre-Authorized Debits from your Chequing account are Liberty's preferred payment method, the main reasons are convenience and cost, both in time and in dollars. 
            1. Credit card merchant charges can be in excess of 2.5% of the bill each month
            2. Credit cards expire more frequently resulting in missed payments and collection efforts
            3. Credit card fraud is on the rise and results in cancelled credit cards, missed payments and collection efforts
            It's easy to set up, just give us a call at our Edmonton office 1-866-926-SAFE (7233) or fill out our contact form

            You will need to have three account details on hand for Liberty to set up your Pre-Authorized Debits:
            • Branch Transit Number - 5 Digits
            • Financial Institution Number (Your Bank) - 3 Digits
            • Account Number - 5 to 12 Digits
            Below are a few ways to find these numbers
            (Information provided by Transferwise)

            Updated: 17 Mar 2017 05:49 AM
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