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            Image Sensor - Changing batteries

            The Image Sensor requires (2) - 'AA' Lithium batteries. You can purchase these batteries at stores like Walmart, Superstore and Best Buy. Liberty recommends using one of the following name brands:
            • Duracell® 
            • Energizer® 
            *Note: Before changing the Batteries on any of your devices, please ensure that your security system has been disarmed.

            To change the batteries on the Image Sensor: 
            1. Carefully slide the front of the Image Sensor up off of the sensor's back.
              (You do not need to remove or dismount the entire Image Sensor back and mounting arm).
            2. Replace the Image Sensor batteries with 2 AA 1.5v Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. Using standard alkaline batteries greatly reduces the life of the batteries.
            3. Dispose of the used batteries according to the battery manufacturer instruction or following local regulations.

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