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            Emergency Contact/Keyholder

            If you have been chosen to be an Emergency Contact or Keyholder, here’s what you need to know and be able to do in the event of an alarm when you are called.

            1. You need to have permission and be able to gain access to the home if it is locked & be trusted to make decisions and phone calls regarding the emergency.
            2. You need to be able to arm or disarm the system onsite & get in contact with the owner(s) of the system.
            3. You need to remember your “verbal password” in case the monitoring station needs to validate who you are.

            Note: Whether we say “Keyholder” or “Emergency Contact”, we mean the same thing.

            On a Liberty Security system, an alarm event can mean a few different things:
            • There is a false alarm (someone accidentally set off the alarm)
            • There is an actual intrusion or burglary
            • A life safety device like Smoke or Carbon Monoxide has been triggered
            • A property protection device like a flood or low temperature device has been triggered
            • A personal help button was pressed (medical or personal emergency)
            When any of the above occurs, there is an emergency response operator that attempts to reach someone at the site, or one of the owners of the house/business directly.

            If you are getting a phone call, it means there has been an alarm event, and the monitoring station has not been able to reach the site or primary contacts for the system.

            If you have questions about any of the above, including “what is my verbal password” or “what is my alarm code”, please contact the owner of the system to get that information.

            If the owner of the system doesn’t have that information, please have him/her call us directly at 1-866-926-7233 to update and verify.

            Updated: 03 Oct 2017 08:08 AM
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