Liberty Live web browser - Lock & unlock your doors

Liberty Live web browser - Lock & unlock your doors

Watch the following video to see how to lock or unlock your doors directly from the Liberty Live web browser.

Step 1: Log into your web browser and go to the "Automation" section in the menu on the left. 
• This step requires you to login to your Liberty Live account at 

Step 2: Click "Add New Rule" in the top right hand corner and select "Event Triggered Rule". Name the rule.
• We suggest naming the rule after what it does, which is especially helpful if you set up multiple automation rules

Step 3: Select what you are automating. In our video we are automating the "Security System".

Step 4: Choose what happens when a specific event occurs. For example, when the "Front Door" is "Locked" you can set your system to "Arm Stay".

Step 5: You can set this rule up to be active at all times, or only during specific times. 

Note: If you want to set up a rule for locking and unlocking your doors, you will need to create two automation rules.