Simon XTi-5 security panel - Arming and Disarming your system

Simon XTi-5 security panel - Arming and Disarming your system

Arming a sensor makes it active and allows the panel to generate an alarm when a door or window is opened or when an unauthorized person enters a specific area. Disarming makes the sensor inactive in the system. The current arming level is shown on the screen and changes in arming level are announced on the speaker.

Please watch the following videos to learn more about how to arm and disarm your system using the Simon XTi. You may also refer the Simon XTi-5 user manual.

This next video explains the arm settings buttons at the the bottom of the LCD touchscreen.

This video below shows you how to disarm the system when you are at home (such as when you wake up in the morning).

The last video shows you how to turn off the beeps when you want to exit silently (for example when you leave for work and your kids are asleep).

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